Why Aren’t My Teeth as White as Sofia Vergara’s?

Why Aren’t My Teeth as White as Sofia Vergara’s?

Sofia Vergara is just one of many celebrities with dazzling white teeth. Maybe you’ve tried everything from baking soda-infused toothpaste to those popular (and spendy!) over the counter strips, but your smile still isn’t anywhere near as blinding as a celebrity grin. If you’re considering in-office whitening treatments, you’ll definitely get much better results—but your smile still might not look like Sofia’s. Why not?

For starters, many celebrities actually sport veneers, not just whitened teeth. Vergara hasn’t gone on record one way or the other about her own super-white smile, but to get that kind of whiteness, you have to be either extremely genetically blessed (as she obviously is in many ways) or you need to have veneers.

Everybody has a different “whitest white” and there’s no changing it. No amount of bleaching can turn a natural ivory smile into a pure white one. In fact, nobody has pure white teeth naturally. High quality veneers feature a variety of colors, including blue and ivory, to make them look as natural as possible.

Of course, in Vergara’s case, she also has bronzed skin that will make her teeth look even whiter. If you’re on the fairer side, it’s natural that your teeth won’t look as white as hers. Plus, many celebrities are under fantastic lighting when appearing in commercials, on television or in movies. In photographs, of course Photoshop is available.

If you’re interested in an in-office whitening treatment, schedule a meeting with your dentist to discuss options and realistic results. Often, your dentist will be able to gauge about where your natural whiteness level is and can show you the range on a card.

If you’re very lucky, you might be blessed with genetically whiter teeth than average. If not? Don’t worry—in most cases, achieving your own natural whitest white will give you a great confidence boost and dazzling smile. However, if you really want to up the ante, veneers are common, can be affordable (especially with financing), and are always an option.

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