Avoiding the Dangers to your Heart with a Skilled Dentist in Phoenix

Avoiding the Dangers to your Heart with a Skilled Dentist in Phoenix

Some health experts may be clued in on why poor dental health can endanger your body in the long run, especially your heart. In a June 26, 2014 article for the Australian news website CHOICE Online, author Jemma Castle writes:

Gum Treatment

“A key risk factor for heart disease can be markedly reduced with a simple and non-surgical gum treatment, also known as a scale and clean, according to the findings from a new study conducted among Indigenous Australians.

One year after a single gum treatment, the controlled University of Sydney study found a significant decline in the thickening of the wall of the carotid artery, which is equal to the effects of lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass or reversing the effects of aging.”

The fact that seemingly minor issues such as periodontal disease can lead to bigger crises like heart disease is too serious to be ignored, especially in Arizona. The American Heart Association tagged heart disease as the second most lethal of all fatalities in the state at 21% (behind cancer at 23%); at least one in every two adult Americans over 30 suffer some form of gum disorder. You can maximize your oral hygiene and avoid cardiovascular threats when you seek treatment from a Phoenix dentist like the professionals of the Sky Dental Alliance.

Study researchers explained that their findings were based on years-long conjecture about causal relationships between gum disease and heart disease. The American Heart Association also previously hinted at connections between the two.

Periodontal treatments center around a procedure called gum scaling, which scrapes off all plaque and tartar buildup at the area between the tooth enamel and the gums. The calculus that built up over the years at the back of the teeth will also be stripped as well. The bacteria that comes from the plaque tend to turn the gums red from inflammation before they shrink and compromise the teeth roots, plus thicken artery walls.

The university study had 237 periodontitis-afflicted Aboriginal Australians split into two groups as test subjects, with only one group receiving full-mouth gum treatment in one appointment. A check of the administered patients a year later showed that their carotid arteries had not thickened due to the absence of “bad cholesterol.” The development was tagged as equal to lower blood pressure and reduced danger of heart disease.

Now that you’re aware of the link between excellent dental health and excellent overall health, it’ll be a great idea to seek periodontal treatment from a dentist in Phoenix, AZ. Let them do the deep cleaning for you, and you can be sure of a longer life ahead of you.

(Source: Gum treatment reduces key risk factor for heart disease, CHOICE Online, 25 June 2014)

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