Dental Implants in Phoenix, Arizona: Procedures and Types

Dental Implants in Phoenix, Arizona: Procedures and Types

dental implants phoenix dentist phoenixOne of today’s popular developments in the industry of dentistry is dental implants. Phoenix residents commonly opt for this because it is a safe and proven effective replacement for the tooth root. This is typically made of titanium, and is placed in the jawbone to provide a stable and strong base for an artificial tooth.

Basically, there are two types of dental implant procedures: single-stage and two-stage.


This procedure involves surgically placing a longer implant into the jawbone. The top of the implant is at the same level as the gum tissues. So, when the gum tissues are stitched close, the implant head is visible on the surface. After several months of healing, there is no need for a minor surgery to expose the implant head for the attachment of the dental implant abutment and temporary restoration.

Subperiosteal Implants (on top of the bone) – These are most commonly used for the single stage procedure. This consists of a metal frame that is installed on the jawbone within or just below the gum line. This is used to hold dentures or artificial teeth replacement, especially in patients whose bone height is insufficient.


As the name implies, this procedure involves two stages, or more like two surgeries. First, the implant is placed into the jawbone, and the gum tissues are stitched closed over it. Second, after the area has healed completely, another minor surgery will be done to expose the implant and attach the dental abutment and temporary restoration.

Endosteal Implants (within the bone)– This is the most common dental implant used for the two-stage procedure. These are surgically placed directly into the jawbone, primarily as an alternative to a removable denture or bridge. This comes with threaded (screw-type) heads, cylinder (smooth) types or bladed types.

Additionally, some periodontists or oral surgeons are also using another type of implants – transosteal implants (through the bone). These are either a metal pin or a U-shaped frame that is installed through the jawbone and gum tissue, into the mouth.

When it comes to the type of procedure or implant, your dentist determines what best suits your needs. The choice is also based upon several factors such as the area the implants is to be placed, the kind of bone, bone structure and density, and the design of the tooth to be supported by the implant. There are a lot of things that need to be evaluated before coming up with the most appropriate type of dental implant and procedure. Thus, it would be wise to talk with your dentist. Phoenix is a city filled with licensed practitioners, but we’ve got the best at Sky Dental Alliance.

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