Oral Health and Safety Solution Provided by a Reliable Phoenix Dentist

Oral Health and Safety Solution Provided by a Reliable Phoenix Dentist

Americans are huge sports fans, whether it be in the NBA, Major League Baseball, or the NFL. They’re not only supportive of their favorite teams, they also play the sports themselves, as evidenced by active varsity teams in schools and local communities.

Costum-Made Mouthguards

While there is no debating that playing sports promotes a healthier and active lifestyle, it must also be stated that it does entail certain dangers, like injuries to the mouth, among many others.

Medical News Today have reported on how parents are keen to find ways of protecting their sporty children from facial injuries and concussions:

“Researchers and, most importantly, parents, are looking for ways to better protect children against concussions,” said lead author Jackson Winters, DDS, a pediatric dentist who also served as a high school and collegiate football official for 28 years. “Consumers may believe that today’s advanced helmet design provides sufficient protection, but our research indicates that, when compared to over-the-counter versions, a custom-made, properly fitted mouthguard also is essential to player safety.”

Solutions to this kind of problems can be provided by a Phoenix dentist through regular check-ups and diagnosis. They should be able to determine the suitable preventive or corrective measures to a particular issue being experienced by the patient. The most common form of preventive work dentists can offer is the aforementioned mouthguard, or sport bite guard, to protect the athlete’s oral cavity.

Seeing a dentist in Phoenix is particularly advantageous, because it is their job to prevent dental athletic injuries as much, and as soon, as possible. Emergency treatments or scheduled appointments should both afford the patient the much-needed service they need. Prevention, repair and maintenance of oral health becomes even more possible when a reliable dentist is on hand to give patients helpful tips and guidance.

Becoming a professional athlete, or even a player for a peewee team, is great, but people should never forget that they must prioritize their health and safety above all else. With dental facilities, like Sky Dental Alliance, working hard to address oral and safety concerns of athlete-patients, these sports stars can concentrate their energies more on playing the sport they love with their 100 percent and, at the same time, deliver a game worthy of all the cheers given by their fans.

(Source: Athletes’ risk of concussion reduced by custom-made mouthguards, Medical News Today, May 6, 2014)

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