Simple Oral Care for Teeth with Braces

Simple Oral Care for Teeth with Braces

phoenix dentists, dentist phoenix azPeople with dental braces are often faced with certain questions regarding the proper care and maintenance of this orthodontic appliance. With the braces, springs, wires, rubber bands and other materials installed, food particles can easily get stuck in very tight spaces, leading to plaque formation and even decay if not taken care of properly. Provided in this post are some tips from Phoenix dentists regarding oral care for people with dental braces.

Brushing and Flossing

 Food particles can be trapped in the tight spaces between braces, leading to enamel stains and even decay. Thus, it is every important to practice proper brushing and flossing. Oral bacteria can also react with the metal in braces, causing a bleaching effect that manifest as small white spots.

Gently brush with a soft bristled toothbrush. You can also utilize a proxabrush which is specifically designed to clean between two braces. It is recommended to brush your teeth every after meals. Yes, you will also have to do it even at school. In the instance that your toothbrush is not with you, gargle with water to somehow dislodge and get rid of food particles.

Flossing, on the other hand, should be done at least once a day, and as necessary when you can feel that a food particle is stuck between your teeth. It is best to use a floss threader or an orthodontic floss. Do this gently in a sawing motion without forcing down or pulling up vigorously around the arc wire. Also, check your mouth in the mirror to check for areas that still need cleaning.

For those wearing retainers, clean it everytime you brush your teeth. To disinfect your retainers, soak these in a denture cleanser daily or at least once a week, and wash thoroughly before placing it back in your mouth.

What Food to Avoid?

While on braces, most food can still be consumed as long as these are cut into bite sizes. Hard food such as nuts, pretzels, apples, carrots, ice, and the like should be avoided because these can loosen or break the braces. Additionally, cut off your intake of starchy ad sweet items, more so for chewy food like bubble gum, taffy and caramel).

Should You Avoid Sports?

Even if you have dental braces, you can still play sports or engage in other activities. Nonetheless, contact sports will require you to use a specially designed mouth guard to protect you in the event of getting hit in the mouth. The mouth guard should be made from durable plastic and must fit comfortably in your mouth.

Broken braces, protruding wires and loose bands are certain problems that need immediate dental attention. If you are suffering from any of these, it is best to call and set an appointment with your dentist. Phoenix, AZ is full of orthodontists. All you have to do is research carefully and search for the best service provider!

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