Skip the Fangs and Bling this Halloween

Skip the Fangs and Bling this Halloween


The haunting season has arrived, and you know what that means! Sugar overloads, costumes and debauchery. This trifecta is quite the terrifying nightmare for dentists. Save yourself some hassle and perhaps some serious dental work this Halloween by swapping out some staples for healthier options. For starters, if you have a sweet fang, try to switch up your sweets with a few sugar-free options this year. Sugar feeds bacteria, and that can lead to more cavities.

However, the bigger problem dentists see this time of year includes chipped and broken teeth, fractures and more—from fangs, “gold” bars on teeth, and other ghoulish accoutrements. Even if you’re fully committed to winning that costume contest or went above and beyond to invest in the cinema-quality fangs, this is one accessory you want to skip.

Professional-grade fangs and other items you keep in your mouth were designed for, well, professionals. Actors and models wear these accessories for short periods of time in controlled settings. It’s their job. Wearing such accessories for Halloween, especially in a party environment (and specifically if you’re drinking and have lower inhibitions) can lead to trouble. You might not even be aware of a dental problem until the next day.

Many of these items are very hard and you can easily damage a tooth. It’s just not worth the risk, especially when your costume will be just as smashing without it. Plus, remember that holding something in your mouth will make it tough to talk, eat, drink and overall enjoy the night.

Once a tooth is knocked out or severely damaged, it can be difficult if not impossible to save. Less damaged teeth might be salvageable, but perhaps never as strong as they were originally. You only have a set amount of teeth. Protect them (even if that means this year Dracula goes fang-less).

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